Do you have the compassion to serve people? One interesting career options is to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. This job is not only interesting but it is demanding too. Those who want to work in the medical field but cannot afford to become doctors can look at the option of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant. There are many CNA schools that offer these programs. So what exactly does a CNA do? They are basically part of the core health care team. Generally the registered nurses have loads of work to do and they would need help. This is when the services of a nursing assistant are needed. Their job is to assist the registered nurses and provide the patients the best healthcare services possible. Their job involves taking routine care of the patients which are responding to the needs of the patients; bathing the patients and feeding them; helping the patients to go for walks and doing exercise; changing bed linens, cleaning rooms etc.; changing dressings for the patients; preparing the patients for surgeries and various procedures; recording the patients conditions and monitoring their conditions; assisting the use of bedpans etc. In order to become a Certified Nursing Assistant one needs to take up a course. The prerequisites of this course are a high school diploma and generally no other work experience in this area would be required. But, if you have studied biology in your high school it would definitely be useful. There are many places that offer CNA Courses. The training period is only about 6 to 8 weeks duration. Sometimes it may take even less than this and this depends entirely on which school you attend. The CNA Programs allows you to get trained, certified as well as get employment all in short time duration. It is better to take long period course duration as they take you through the course in detail rather than cramming all the details in few weeks and the student not understanding it at all. There are many schools offering CNA Classes so, it is important to see which the best school is and then join the course. The benefits obtained from a CAN position are immense but it entirely depends on where you get the job. Some hospitals offer $13 to 16 per hour while some may offer even more. But for a fresher it is better to take up the job in a hospital as there is so much to learn there rather than in a nursing home. This would be extremely helpful if you are planning to take on advanced course. The demand for a certified nursing assistance is on the rise and the growth rate is almost 30 to 35%. The job is also recession proof and secure. One can do a CNA programs in any schools which would cost a lot, or at a healthcare center where the education is free of cost or even at Red Cross where they train you to become a CNA. Apart from the time spent on their course the CNA’s generally have to spend about 48 hours more in order to get certification. Apart from this they have to take up additional CNA Training, every two years in order to retain their CNA Certification. The cost of the certification will vary from school to school. Once you began working as a certified nursing assistant you will find that those who do not have certification are not offered jobs at all. Many hospitals themselves offer the certification opportunity which enables them to improve their skills. The certification not just helps them to earn more money but better jobs too. In fact manu hospitals themselves will pay for your continuous education in the field of nursing if you agree to work for that particular place for a long time. This helps you in not just having a secured job but it also makes you more valuable to the organization. You will be seen as an asset to the organization. You can also be given an opportunity to work with the registered nurses who will make you even more experienced. As the demand for CNAs is growing rapidly across the globe, many people began to realize this and take up this course. Advances in the field of medicine are also opening up new opportunities to the certified nurses. Getting certified in a particular state does not mean that a certified nursing assistant should work only in that particular state. The certificate can be transferred to the other states as well. Once certified a CNA becomes a part of the registry and hence can work in any state. Getting a certificate means you are a very valuable asset and there are many hospitals out there which would like to employ your services. Becoming a nursing assistant is not possible for everyone. People may have interest to serve others or because of their interest in the field of medicine they may try to become a certified nursing assistant. Though the number has increased in the recent past, the country still is facing shortage in many specific areas of treatments. Short staffing is leading to compromising in the quality of treatment provided especially when it comes to taking care of old people. There is a great demand for certified nursing assistants all over the country if rather than thinking that you are just a “Certified Nursing Assistant” think of what the future has to offer and how valuable you are to the hospital. But, before taking up the course basic things like what all the school offers, what is the tuition fee, do they offer any training as a part of the course and what sort of training they give for getting certification etc. should be asked in detail. Also, it is important to ask if the school helps in recertification process every two years. Finally, it can be said that the certified nursing assistant is a very satisfying job for those who are interested in serving people.